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Lake Erie Walleye and Smallmouth Fishing

Lake Erie Walley and Smallmouth Bass.

No other lake in the world produces more Walleye then Lake Erie. In fact,recent population samples put Lake Erie Walleye numbers in the 40 million fish range. Leaving from Buffalo, NY, we venture out on the lake to offer the opportunity to catch what most consider the best eating freshwater fish.

With the large schools of fish present at the East end of Lake Erie we offer Walleye trips in the months of June, July, August, and September. We offer both bottom bouncing and trolling trips that produce good numbers of fish and there's always a chance to reel in a trophy.

Whether you choose to keep your limit or catch and release Lake Erie is definitely the place to be for your next Walleye trip.

Lake Erie Walley and Smallmouth Bass.

In addition to the great Walleye fishing, Lake Erie is also home to one of the best Smallmouth bass fisheries in the country. The deep clear waters are home to giant Smallmouth Bass. Niagara Region Charter Service offers trips from May into the Fall month of October. We drift, cast, and bottom bounce different areas of Lake Erie in pursuit of the these hard fighting sportfish.

Niagara Region Charter Service provides all bait and tackle for out trips. However, if you choose, please feel free to bring a favorite fishing outfit. We offer our Walleye trips with the option of fishing out of a 24′ center console Century with a head in addition to our 21′ Lund Pro-V.

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