Niagara River


March, April, May

The lower Niagara and the area which the river empties into Lake Ontario provides some of the hottest Trout and Salmon action of the year. It is possible to take Brown Trout, Lake Trout, King and Coho Salmon up to 30 lbs. Steelhead catches up to 20 lbs. take place each year. Mixed catches of 10 to 20 fish are common place.


June, July, August

Warm water species take center stage at this time of the year. The Niagara Area offers some of the finest opportunities for catching world class Bass, Walleye, and Muskie. Fish the lower Niagara for the hard-fighting Small Mouth Bass. Drift along the scenic river for Bass that average 2 to 3 lbs., with fish taken to 6 lbs. each year. 50 to 100 fish days are the rule. Walleye up to 13 lbs. are reeled in each season, and fish in the 8 lb. range are common. Muskie fishing starts in July with fish up to 52 inches available.



September, October, November

The month of September marks the return of the King Salmon to the tributaries to spawn. Fish up to 41 lbs. have been taken with customers landing fish in the 30 lb. class often. Brown Trout also return to the tributaries to spawn, and fish in the 20 lb. range are taken each year. Steelhead follow spawning fish to feed on eggs. The fall can produce some of the hottest action for these jumping hard fighting fish in both size and numbers.




Fall Muskie Fishing

The hottest Muskie fishing of the year occurs in late October through the end of November. It is possible to hook up with large numbers of above average fish. Fish up to 52″ have been taken.




December, January, February

The best way to cure cabin fever is to spend a winter outing catching Steelhead on the Lower Niagara River. The biggest Steelhead of the year are taken during this time. Fish in the 10 lb. range are a daily occurrence, and Steelhead up to 22 lbs. have been landed. Come see for yourself why the Niagara is known as one of the world’s best Steelhead rivers. In January, Lake Trout season opens, and 20 to 50 fish days are the rule. Fish up to 30 lbs. are available. Brown Trout fishing starts to take off in January with fish averaging in the 7 lb. range. Monsters up to 24 lbs. have been taken.